Works on Paper

Middlesbrough artist Mackenzie Thorpe is renowned for his iconic artworks on paper. Using pastels and oils from a warm, rich palette, Mackenzie’s authentic imagery is imbued with an honesty which speaks of love, life and hope and reflect the shared emotion of the human experience. Uniquely he manages to lay down on paper both the light and the dark; for example the struggle of the working man in a desolate industrial landscape contrasts in turn, with bright joyful images of children dancing.

His innate creative ability is further evidenced by his distinctive Yorkshire-inspired collections.  Born in Middlesbrough with strong Yorkshire connections, for the past thirty years Mackenzie has perfectly captured both the beauty and the danger of the moors and dales. He lays down  the brooding giant skies, stunning landscapes, fast running rivers, waterfalls, castles, the shepherds and sheep of the glorious white rose county,  expressed with feeling and passion an artist can only express, when they are truly inspired.

“I think I now realise that what I draw are universal emotions, we all laugh, we all cry, we all hope and we all fear, and above all, we all strive for love.”  Mackenzie Thorpe

Artist Mackenzie Thorpe working on landscape painting close up
Over Hill and Dale Mackenzie Thorpe
Winter moon of Love by Mackenzie Thorpe
The Phantom Mackenzie Thorpe
Artist Mackenzie Thorpe in front of easel
Gods own land Mackenzie Thorpe
Dinner Time Mackenzie Thorpe
Artist Mackenzie Thorpe working on easel
Back on the Job Mackenzie Thorpe
No one to catch me Mackenzie Thorpe
Mists of Time Mackenzie Thorpe
Artist Mackenzie Thorpe working on landscape painting
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