Mackenzie has been successful in applying his personal vision to create monumental sculptures and public art in locations throughout the world. Working to both private and public commissions, he applies his original ideas to large-scale, free-standing sculptures which both enhance and encourage a new evaluation of the environment they are in.

Working in creative collaboration with master craftsmen from different disciplines across the world, Mackenzie personally oversees the production of his monumental works in order to realise his artistic vision for the piece,

Delicate yet substantial, uplifting yet weighty, Mackenzie’s monumental works have an impact wherever they are displayed.

“Art is not really about the object itself, any piece of art is a vehicle to bring you an experience, to provide a thought, an emotion or a new perspective.The art is in the experience, that emotive response or relationship you have to the piece.” Mackenzie Thorpe

On the bench sculpture at night Mackenzie Thorpe
Falling in love Mackenzie Thorpe
Artist Mackenzie Thorpe
Skipping Mackenzie Thorpe
Skipping sculpture upclose by Mackenzie Thorpe
Artist Mackenzie Thorpe in the studio
This Is all my love up close by Mackenzie Thorpe
This is all my love sculpture up close by Mackenzie Thorpe
Skipping together by Mackenzie Thorpe
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